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aol_aim_icons's Journal

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Alright... this is a community for AIM/AOL Buddy Icons... i hope you join and make your self at home take some icons and use them... and request as you like...

when requesting please follow these 3 rules ... or i wont fill your request...
1. You may request icons, but please try to keep it down to 2 times a week.

2. Do not post any less than 3 icons. posting just 1 icon at a time is pointless.

3. When posting more than 3 icons, put the rest of them behind an LJ-Cut

3b. Also when requesting use the below form. All requests not using this form will be deleted. If you're request is long and may take up a lot of room please also use an LJ-cut... thank you very much!

Pictures (URLS):
Size (in pixels):
Text (what do you want it to say?):
Colors (of text or just the "theme" etc...):
Anything Else:

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